Plants and Flowers: The Name Game

Botanical Latin plant names continue to change as genetic studies offer new insights into the evolution and relationships between plant families. Common names are frequently confusing at best, or completely inaccurate. This resource page is a listing of various resources and initial leads that may help identify the name of the specimen in front of you.

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Warnings and disclaimers:

  1. The following resources have been posted by BAGSC volunteers. We have done the best we can to post reliable sources, but please be advised the resources listed below have not necessarily been vetted by experts.
  2. Please check the date of the posting of the resources below. Let us know if there is a new posting of the resource.
  3. Even if you are certain of the identification, it's best practices to confirm your identification with an expert. Some plant families require tedious, rigorous identification (even for botanists). Plants with labels from nurseries can be accidentally mixed up or mislabeled. 


Orchid Name Abbreviations:

Like all botanical names, the names for orchids are constantly evolving. The following resources in the right column, however, are an attempt at a standardized listing of all the abbreviations used by orchid growers and vendors.