BAGSC 20th Anniversary, 2017


by Gilly Shaeffer

The Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California (BAGSC) is celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2017.

On August 26, 2017, the Guild had a gala celebration in honor of our Anniversary.

We have good reason to celebrate! Since 1997, our group has grown, changed and keeps getting better. Members continue to develop their botanical art skills through classes and workshops. As a result of our dedication and hard work, we have more and more opportunities to show our art. Through outreach, exhibition and educational activities, and by partnering with like-minded organizations, BAGSC has increased southern Californian's awareness and appreciation of this art form.

We have many activities planned in honor of our 20-year milestone.

BAGSC festivities will start with an exhibition to be held at the Los Angeles Arboretum Library called “Illustrating the Urban Forest: 20 Years of Botanical Art”. The exhibition will be on display from early July until the end of September.

On August 26 we held a 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Los Angeles Arboretum:

4:00 – Matt Ritter and selected BAGSC artists talk about their artworks.

5:00 – A special presentation by Matt Ritter, author of A Californian's Guide to Trees Among Us. Matt is a professor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, a tree expert and a photographer. An absolutely delightful and informative presentation.

6:00 – The delicious Anniversary Dinner was held at the Peacock Café Patio at sunset. Olga Eysymontt, long time botanical art instructor, will share memories of BAGSC beginnings and how botanical art got started in Los Angeles. Old friends connected and new friends were made.

Read all about the celebration and see pictures of the event on our BAGSC News blog.

We so enjoyed sharing a magical, beautiful afternoon and evening with members, friends, family, special guests from the botanical gardens community and more. Questions about the 20th Anniversary Celebration? Contact our 20th Anniversary Chair.

BAGSC 20th Annniversary

BAGSC 20th Anniversary

Save-the-date postcard, designed by Jan and Chas Clouse, featuring Gilly Shaeffer's watercolor of a California native walnut, 
© 2017.

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