BAGSC Executive Board of Directors, 2018

Janice Sharp, President

Diane Nelson Daly, Vice President

Beth Stone, Treasurer

Patricia A. Mark, 1st Secretary and President Emeritus

Bonnie Born Ash, 2nd Secretary

Ellie Yun-Hui Tu, Membership

BAGSC Board and Committee Members, 2018

Melanie Campbell-Carter, Member-at-Large

Clara Josephs, Quarterly Meeting Program Chair

Teresa Kuwahara, Education Chair

Tania Norris, Member-at-Large and Huntington

Olga Ryabtsova, Exhibitions Chair

Gilly Shaeffer, Scholarship Chair

Deborah B. Shaw, Website and Blog Chair

Leslie Walker, Member-at-Large

BAGSC Mailing Address

P.O. Box 50166, Pasadena CA 91115

Be a BAGSC Volunteer!

Learn more about the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California and our parent organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists. A relatively small increment of extra time pays great dividends in understanding 'how it all works'!

Volunteers are needed to:

  • serve on the BAGSC Board and various committees
  • write content and upload to the website and blog
  • demonstrate and teach at BAGSC outreach events and activities
  • and more!

Contact a BAGSC Board member or the appropriate committee chair by clicking on a name to the left. Don't know where your skills would be best put to use? Contact our Membership Chair to discuss.