BAGSC Executive Board of Directors, 2018

Janice Sharp, President

Diane Nelson Daly and Patricia A. Mark, Co-Vice Presidents

Beth Stone, Treasurer

Bonnie Born Ash, Secretary

Ellie Yun-Hui Tu, Membership

BAGSC Board and Committee Members, 2018

Clara Josephs, Quarterly Meeting Program Chair

Teresa Kuwahara, Education Chair

Tania Norris, Member-at-Large and Huntington Liaison

Olga Ryabtsova, Exhibitions Chair

Gilly Shaeffer, Historian

Deborah B. Shaw, Website and Blog Chair

Leslie Walker, Member-at-Large

BAGSC Mailing Address

P.O. Box 50166, Pasadena CA 91115

Be a BAGSC Volunteer!

Learn more about the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California and our parent organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists. A relatively small increment of extra time pays great dividends in understanding 'how it all works'!

Volunteers are needed to:

  • serve on the BAGSC Board and various committees
  • write content and upload to the website and blog
  • demonstrate and teach at BAGSC outreach events and activities
  • and more!

Contact a BAGSC Board member or the appropriate committee chair by clicking on a name to the left. Don't know where your skills would be best put to use? Contact our Membership Chair to discuss.